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Who We Are

Corporation Overview

KDIC is a statutory institution established under the Kenya Deposit Insurance Act, 2012 (KDI Act, 2012). The Corporation is mandated to provide a deposit insurance scheme for customers of member institutions, to provide incentives for sound risk management and generally promote the stability of the financial system and prompt resolution. 

Further, KDIC protects depositors against the loss of all their deposits or bank balance in the unlikely event of a bank failure. To this end, the Corporation provides payments of insured deposits thereby enhancing the confidence of depositors, thus inspiring them to keep their savings within the insured banking and payments system. The Corporation was established in response to challenges presented by banking crises and bank failures in the country. Since its inception, KDIC has lived up to its mandate in the over thirty years of existence. 


The main functions of KDIC are to:

  • Provide a deposit insurance scheme for customers of member institutions
  • Provide incentives for sound risk management
  • Promptly resolve problem banks in order to proactively mitigate any failure



A reliable, effective deposit insurer and resolution authority.



To protect depositors and enhance public confidence in the financial system by promoting sound risk management and timely resolution.



KDIC, as set out in its enabling KDI Act, 2012, has powers to guarantee deposits of insured institutions, undertake supervision of insured institutions, partake in problem/failing banks resolution process and liquidate failed/closed financial institutions.


The roles of the Corporation in the Financial System are essentially to:

  1. Administer a Deposit Insurance System.
  2. Provide incentives for Sound Risk Management in Financial Institutions.
  3. Promptly resolve failed financial institutions.
  4. Promote and contribute to the stability of the Kenyan Financial System