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Nelson Nyongesa;DGM, Risk and Surveillance

Safety at workplace: A joint responsibility


Safety at workplace: A joint responsibility

A ‘workplace’ by definition includes, any land, premises, location, vessel or thing, at, in, upon, or near which, a worker is, in the course of employment. For KDIC, this include our offices at UAP Old Mutual Tower, godown and hospitality areas that we work from during retreats and workshops. This has been further refined with the COVID 19 pandemic that has introduced working-from-home thus make the ‘home’ as part of workplace. Therefore, in the evaluation and assessment of safety and health at workplace, it is important to look at the various places that we implement our employment activities as KDIC meets it mandate of Risk management, Deposit insurance and prompt resolution.

The  Corporation thus recognizes and appreciates the importance of health and safety at the workplace. It has placed premium on providing guidance on the conduct, procedures and behavior related to health and safety of employees, board members, contractors, visitors and customers present at the workplace. Further, the Corporation provides measures to control accidents, minimize injuries, property damages and to reduce the cost incurred as a result of all accident or incident related losses, and comply with the relevant health and safety requirements at workplace.

As part of enhancing the workplace safety, the Corporation has trained fire marshals and first aid officers and sensitized staff on disaster management to ensure that in case of any incidents, the staff are well protected. Further, the Corporation has endeavored to have updated fire safety equipment and first aid boxes to serve the staff. KDIC continues to update the signages to guide the staff in the event of disaster including the emergency exits and assembly points. Staff are encouraged to only use the emergency exits during emergency and always congregate at the assembly points which will either be on 3rd floor of the building for minor incidents or Upper hill Secondary school for major incidents.

At all times you will be guided whether it is major or minor by the safety marshal. The assembly is important so that we can take roll call or stock of our human capital. This means that it is important to know where all Corporation staff are at any points for accuracy of records for safety precaution.

Let’s keep on updating Human Resources functions and supervisors with the accurate records of whereabouts for all staff. Effective safety of all at workplace, there are clarity of roles for all participants. For purposes of this magazine, I have selected a few organs and their responsibilities as highlighted below.




Heads of departments and functions

Facilitate implementation of safety and health programs including:

  1. allow active employee participation in initiatives and programs including training and awareness activities,
  2. provide suitable Personal Protective Equipment (PPE’s) where necessary,
  3. timely report any accidents, incidents, unsafe acts and conditions occurring within their functional areas.
  4. Developing and implementing the corrective and prevent Action plans, for implementation of recommendations from the safety inspections and audit reports so as to comply with safety standards, policy and laws
  5. Provide the relevant signings for staff, board, contractors and customers on safety requirements, roles and responsivities.
  6. Report to OSHS all work place incidents and accidents and facilitate the compensation thereof as appropriate.
  7. Align all corporation procurement activities to take cognizance and include the provisions of safety and health requirements.

Occupation Safety and Health Committee

  1. Provide capacity, information and links for training and sensitization of staff and all stakeholders on safe work practices and procedures for committee members and all employees on occupation safety and health.
  2. Schedule, undertake and facilitate workplace inspections and audits, and ensure implementation of recommendations from the reports for a safe workplace
  3. Maintain the updated register of all accidents and incidents and; investigate complaints on safety and health; and; report to CEO and relevant authorities.
  4. Establish effective communication channels on of health and safety to contractors, customers, visitors and the employees including providing names and contacts of safety marshals;
  5. Ensure safety and disaster management equipment and facilities are installed and serviced regularly;
  6. Co-ordinate the appropriate first aid and safety management, care and support during emergency, evacuation and transfer of a casualty, in the event of an incident or disaster at workplace including notifying corporation management and emergency services providers of the medical emergency;

Huan Resources and Administration Department

  1. Ensure registration of workplace as per the local Occupational Safety and Health laws and regulations.
  2. Ensure provision of a safe working environment with adequate welfare facilities and equipment.
  3. Ensure management of mental health at workplace.
  4. Ensure provision of a fire assembly point for the Corporation.
  5. Manage and process of work injury compensation.
  6. Ensure availability of first aid kits, firefighting equipment that are in good working condition.
  7. Ensure capacity building for disaster management including training of OSH Committee, First aiders and Fire Marshals, and sensitization of staff on not only the OSH Policy but also work place safety features
  8. Ensure employees are provided with appropriate PPE’s at all times as and when required;


  1. Participate in all Safety and health Programs and activities; and take responsibility for avoiding all workplace risk and following all known safe work rules, procedures and instructions;
  2. Notify any member of the OSH committee or line manager of any potential health and safety concerns and cooperate in its management;
  3. Take reasonable care for their health and safety that includes presenting themselves for work when physically and mentally fit, free of alcohol and non-prescribed drugs, which could impair their work performance and safety;
  4. Work in accordance with laid down procedure and trainings for a safe workplace;
  5. Refrain from intentionally or recklessly interfering with anything that has been provided for health and safety reasons; and avoid to engage in horseplay (rough play);
  6. Ensure use of appropriate PPE’s at all times as required and including use safety facilitates during transportation in both Corporation vehicles and personal vehicles.
  7. Ensure timely reporting of any accidents, incidents and near misses once it has occurred.
  8. All employees should take the initiative to understand and be aware of any potential hazards and risks within their surroundings.


The observance of the roles and responsibility will support compliance with safe work practices and the relevant legislations, and establishing a safe and healthy work place. This also enhances communication and cooperation between stakeholders and management of risks of safety and health at workplace.

As such, let each one of us  play his/her role for a safe workplace by:

  • Updating ourselves on the workplaces safety and health policy, laws and regulations
  • Reporting all incidents and accidents including management of hazardous substances, naked electric wires, obstruction of the emergency exits, water leakages at workplaces


For a safety work place to be maintained always bear in mind that we both have a stake and all hands must be on the deck. Do what is within your means for us to maintain a safe workplace place for all.

Nelson Nyongesa;DGM, Risk and Surveillance