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KDIC to roll out BPR to enhance service delivery

KDIC to roll out BPR to enhance service delivery.

As part of streamlining its operations aimed at enhancing efficiency in service delivery, the Kenya Deposit Insurance Corporation will soon begin to implement  its newly-developed Business Process Reengineering framework.

The framework-currently being finalized-has been developed with the help of the Ministry of Public Service aimed at cutting down on bureaucracy that hamper timely and excellent service delivery in the Public Service. The exercise follows a rigorous one-week training of the Corporation’s management that saw procedures and attendant workflows for all services on the KDIC’s Citizens Service Delivery Charter documented.

In an interview, Robert Mbarani, General Manager in charge of Corporate Service said that the envisaged framework will inform the Corporation’s engagement with customers. “This is a good initiative. We must think like the customer. Embracing BPR will help us reduce timelines within which we offer services. It will be critical to have support from all corners for it to succeed,” he observed.

Resolution, collection of premium, procurement, public complaints and feedback, are some of the critical processes that have widely been considered in the BPR.

Business Process Reengineering Steps (BPR) and Challenges

The Corporation hopes to finalize and commission implementation of the framework,  as part of  meeting the Corporation’s public obligations as well as fulfilling  commitments under the current year’s Performance contract.