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A section of staff alongside the independent consultant pose for a group photo during a previous session on QMS

KDIC Committed to ISO standardization: Mohamud

KDIC Committed to ISO standardization: Mohamud

Meanwhile the Kenya Deposit Insurance Corporation (KDIC) has committed to continue offering you  excellent customer service in line with international standards.

The  announcement was made by  KDIC’s Chief Executive Officer Mr. Mohamud Ahmed Mohamud, as the Corporation prepared to formally receive its second ISO 9001:2015 certification following the expiry of the initial one. The decision to recertify the Corporation, was arrived at by the certifying body-Kenya Bureau of Standards- following an extensive surveillance audit and subsequent clearance. 

The initial certification of KDIC in 2018, saw the Corporation commit to maintain QMS, as a strategic tool for continual improvement of customer satisfaction, service consistency and statutory compliance.

Mr Butichi of KEBs takes a section of staff through a previous training on Performance Management in the run-up to the Corporation’s application for ISO recertification.

Speaking during the closeout meeting with the KEBs team, Paul Manga who chairs the Corporation’s staff committee on ISO said, “This  was a learning moment for us.  I am excited to hear that the ultimate answer was recertification. Your confirmation that we will  be recertified is good news for us. We took it positively that the purpose of coming here was to help us improve. We will implement the report for purposes of benefitting this Corporation. Thank you for challenging our processes.”

The recertification process began last year, with an audit of the Corporation, that sought to establish gaps in KDIC’s QMS thus recommending areas of improvement.

The gap audit-conducted by an independent consultant- involved all KDIC departments, processes documents and standard operating procedures.

The exercise also saw the Corporation’s entire staff compliment taken through a staggered   week-long sensitization exercise, as part of building their capacity and understanding of the requirements of QMS.