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The KDIC team meet with some of the beneficiaries during a tour of the region

On Hundred Babies and Counting; The Story of KDIC Intervention in Wenje.

Imagine an expectant woman, stuck in the middle of nowhere, miles away from the nearest maternity facility in the region. Now imagine the woman, experiencing birth complications with only Traditional Birth Attendants at hand.

The situation gets dire considering that the TBAs are already overwhelmed by the sheer number of women seeking their services. Yet this coupled with the unavailability of a reliable mode of transport and scarcity of clean drinking water is what Ashia Rova has endured for decades in her quest to bring forth new life in the remote part of Wenje in Tana River. Rova’s story, mirrors the plight of hundreds of other women who are yet to start enjoying the fruits of devolution.

And so when the Kenya Deposit Insurance Corporation (KDIC) decided to invest in community transformation, it was music to families here with the community embracing the move terming it as “timely”. The Corporation procured two delivery beds, six maternity beds, four solar panels and an assortment of other essential equipment to be used in the delivery unit.  The multi-million shillings investment was not only part of KDIC’s Corporate Social Responsibility, but also in line with Universal Health Coverage, spearheaded by the government.

The KDIC team meet with some of the beneficiaries during a tour of the region

Two years down the line, KDIC’s initiative has borne fruit with over 150 safe deliveries being recorded at this very facility.

“I used to deliver from home and at times I could fear for my life. But that has changed since this facility was equipped by KDIC. I can tell you the experience is never the same again”, said an elated Rova.

Rova is among hundreds of women beneficiaries who have successfully delivered at the Wenje facility with more still streaming in.

The Chairman of Wenje Dispensary Mr. Lawrence Abae, hailed the partnership between KDIC and the local community. Abae who spoke during  a follow up visit by the KDIC team, said they were working closely with the local administration in the implementation of the project.

Lawrence of KDIC and Sofia, the nurse in charge of the facility inspecting some of the equipment delivered to the facility in 2019.

The team was informed that on average a total of 10 babies are born at the facility every month. “We also offer post-natal care at this facility and we have seen a lot of improvement unlike in the past. We have also strengthened our partnership with TBAs who are quite encouraged whenever they visit this facility to check on new deliveries”, said the nurse in charge, Sofia Abdulrahaman.

On his part, KDIC’s Lawrence Shoona, Deputy General Manager, Strategy and Compliance emphasized on the need to ensure that the project continues to benefit the community. “We are here on a fact-finding mission, because we could not come last year due to Covid-19 restrictions. You may have also noticed that we didn’t come empty-handed. We have brought you more items including a wheelchair and cabinets. The management is interested in seeing this project succeed”, said Shoona.