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Kenya Secures Seat on IADI Executive Council as Chepkwony of KDIC is Elected.

Kenya has secured a seat on the prestigious Executive Council of the International Association of Deposit Insurers (IADI), with the election of Hellen Chepkwony, the CEO of Kenya Deposit Insurance Corporation as a council member. This landmark achievement underscores Kenya’s prominence in the global deposit insurance arena.

Chepkwony, alongside six others from across the globe, was elected for a three-year term during IADI’s 22nd Annual General Meeting hosted in Boston, USA.

She emphasized her steadfast commitment to ensuring the safety of depositors’ funds and the enhancement of trust between depositors and financial institutions. Her election affirms members’ confidence in her ability, alongside other Council Members, to fortify this critical facet of the financial ecosystem not just in Kenya but also globally.

Highlighting the importance of embracing agile bank resolution strategies, Chepkwony’s approach resonates well with the tenets of deposit insurance and sound financial systems, thus signaling a dynamic and forward-thinking approach to deposit insurance.

In an era dominated by digital finance, Chepkwony reiterated the inevitability of E-money and financial technology and pledged to support crafting policies that secure this evolving frontier. Her other focus areas include international collaborations, Deposit Insurance, knowledge management and a harmonized approach to financial stability. Teaming up with fellow council members, her agenda promises to reshape the landscape of deposit insurance, ensuring a brighter and more secure future for depositors worldwide.

The International Association of Deposit Insurers (IADI) is the global standard-setter for deposit insurance systems. The objectives of the Association are to strengthen deposit insurance systems worldwide and to contribute to the stability of financial systems. IADI currently has 95 Members, 11 Associates, and 17 Partners