We are now wired to Serve You Better: KDIC Managers

The Kenya Deposit Insurance Corporation’s Senior Management have undergone resensitization on Performance Contracting (PC) aimed at enhancing the Corporation’s service delivery in line with the Government’s objectives.

This follows a week-long rigorous exercise that covered all the key focus areas of the PC, a crucial document for service delivery in the Public Service. Consequently the team will be expected to strategically apply the lessons learnt in their respective departments with a view to fast tracking the implementation and achievement of the objectives of the current PC in line with the 2018-2023 KDIC’s Strategic Plan.

Those were great insightsKDICs General Manager Corporate Services presents a gift pack to Mr

Those were great insights........KDIC's General Manager (Corporate Services) presents a gift pack to Mr. Peter Kamau (Lead trainer) of PSPMU.

Speaking after the session, Lawrence Lein, KDIC’s Deputy General Manager for Strategy and Compliance, expressed optimism that the objectives of the training were met. Lein added that: “I am happy that we were taken through the entire PC cycle, all the way from negotiation to evaluation and also the training focused on the linkage of the PC and Performance Management. The Levels of Awareness on the PC, its structure and design  have been up-scaled. This was critical for management given that the PC is crucial.”

Going forward, Lein said that the Corporation had already started cascading the document to all cadres.

On their part, Stephen Kienjeku (Manager, Procurement) and Kennedy Yegon (Deputy General Manager, ICT) stated that the training was an excellent refresher. “There are things I was taking for granted especially something like the Citizens Delivery Service Charter. But now I know that it is meant to empower the citizenry and enable them demand services from government institutions. Those who visit us should know that we exist to serve them,” he offered. Yegon however observed that it would be a fantastic idea to integrate the PC with the Corporation’s Strategic Plan and operational procedures.

The training was facilitated by the Public Service Performance Management Unit led by Peter Kamau.  

The training was attended by Robert Mbarani (GM Corporate Services) Nelson Nyongesa (Deputy GM, Risk) Julie Nkirote (Deputy GM, Bank Examinations) Andrew Rutto (Deputy GM, Resolution) Mary Kiragu (Deputy GM, Internal Audit) among others.