• Any deposit taking institution licensed and regulated by the Central Bank of Kenya is a statutory member of KDIC.
  • Institutions are expected to operate within the laws and regulation as laid out in the Banking and KDI Act.
  • Member institutions are required to display their duly signed membership certificates in all their banking halls

Cessation of membership

An institution automatically ceases being a member of KDIC upon

  • Surrender, cancellation or revocation of its license by the Central Bank of Kenya
  • Issue of a winding-up order against an institution
  • Transfer of all deposit liabilities of an institution in Kenya to any other institution
  • Appointment of KDIC as a liquidator
  • Entry by an institution into any scheme of arrangement or compromise with its creditors or a reconstruction sanctioned by a competent authority which does not permit the acceptance of fresh deposits
  • Merger or amalgamation of an institution with any other institution
  • Determination by KDIC that the affairs of an institution are being conducted in a manner detrimental to its own interests or to the interest of its depositors